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FOCUS ON: Palletizer "DYNAMOS" for shrink wrapped packs

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Robot onto rails: the most advanced innovation in end-of-line palletization

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Robot palletizer for large capacity PET bottles

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Line for soya sauce by All Glass

Commissioned an All Glass a line for soya sauce in Russia. [show the article]

All Glass land to Oceania

Installed the first All Glass end-of-line handling system in Australia [show the article]

Low-energy absorption conveying line

Commissioned the first low energy absorption conveying line (cold-end) in glassworks industry. [show the article]

New end-of-line palletizers for bags

Delivered two new end-of-line palletizers for the coffee industry from our production unit at Noceto (Parma). [show the article]

"Compact" Gantry Palletizer

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